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paper vs electrolytic filters

Posted by SCOTTY on 04/14/2009 22:53

:not unless they are paper electrolytic.
:are they polarized + or a - on one end.
:if not you need orange drop caps.
:look this over. http://antiqueradio.org/recap.htm#types
:Hi all:I have a navy model RCH military receiver that I have to change the filters.The parts sheet shows then as:4mf 600v paper. Can I use electrolytics instead? av1:Thanks for your reply.I cannot find a + or - on the capacitors.I probably did not give a proper description.these are metal cans on top of the chassis and are the power supply filters,1 1/2" in diameter & 4" tall.The metal cans (there are four of them) go through a hole in the chassis & are retained by a large nuts.Protruding from the bottoms are pieces of black phenolic from which two metal solder terminals protrude.there are no + or - marks on this phenolic,so I beleive there is no polarity.So can I replace these with electrolytics or do I have to find paper filters of the same value?

paper vs electrolytic filters 
SCOTTY 04/14/2009 19:56 
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