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Antique Radio Technical Forum
New to radio restoration

Posted by Randy on 04/14/2009 20:47

::I purchased a Crosley Fiver console model and I decided to try and get it working. I replaced the caps and turned it on. All the tubes light up but all I get is a few high frequency noises out the speaker and a motorboat frequency. Nothing on the normal band.I assume the speaker is wired correctly since I do have some sound. I knew I was over my head when I bought this but hey I'm brave and stupid. Help ??
:Ok, what happens to the audio when you change the volume control?

New to radio restoration 
Randy 04/14/2009 16:14 
Lewis L 04/14/2009 18:27 
Randy 04/14/2009 20:47 
Randy 04/14/2009 20:49 

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