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Help with old Auto-Lite Capacitors

Posted by Dave on 04/14/2009 20:18

Thanks for your reply. I did end up getting the schematics and parts list from Justradios.com. It turns out this chassis was used on a number of radios in 1936-37. The 6 in the chassis type (6M631) seems to indicate the tube count while the 'M' stands for Majestic. Chassis 6D631 (DeForest), 6R631 (Rogers) and 6M631 (Majestic) are all the same. The one schematic also covers the 6x632 chassis as well with noted differences. Nostalgia Air has this schematic as well so I could have had it for free had I known what I was looking for. I still haven't seen a picture of the one I have yet it's either called a 'Rodney' or a 'Devonshire' (I think I might have seen a Rodney somewhere which makes me think I may have a Devonshire).

Also since I posted I did find some pictures posted up by the late Don Tutt (of Don's Radio Museum) which show just the underside of a 6R631 chassis with the same auto-lite tiger caps... so I had also concluded at that point that they were indeed probably original.

:HI Dave - I can help you out with that stuff - The Auto-lite caps were factory as far as I know - I've repaired dozens of those radios - It can be very difficult to find service information on the 1935-36 model years for Rogers, Majestic and Deforest Crosley - Dave at Just Radios is an excellent source for factory original Schematics and service info - but he doesn't have them all.
: I'm not that familiar with this site - How do I get or give private email without the whole world seeing it on here ? there's an optional email box on this follow-up page - If I fill that in - does everyone see it ? Not that I don't want other radio guys seeing my email - I justdon't want the spam guys to get hold of it.

Help with old Auto-Lite Capacitors  
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