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Zenith 8Y02

Posted by Mmakazoo on 04/14/2009 20:01

Lewis: I can get the can of freeze spray and have access to hairdryer. Yes, electrolytics were replaced as part of an earlier repair. As far as I can tell, it goes through just one cycle of this problem and then works okay from then on. However, I haven't listened to it for more than an hour at a time. As far as finding the schematic, it is model Y832E and chassis 8Y02. I had to order the schematic - it is a Sam's Photofact. When I posted a problem with this set a while back, I think Edd found and posted a schematic. I will search for that. Mark from Kalamazoo

Zenith 8Y02 
Mmakazoo 04/11/2009 17:56 
Mmakazoo 04/14/2009 16:03 
Lewis L 04/14/2009 17:19 
Doug Criner 04/14/2009 18:13 
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Lewis L 04/14/2009 18:26 
Mmakazoo 04/14/2009 20:01 
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