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Antique Radio Technical Forum
RCA 612V3

Posted by Rene on 04/14/2009 20:00

Your output transformer may still be good. Have you changed out the paper caps? There is probably a paper cap on the output primary/output plate circuit. When this shorts out, it puts a big load on the transformer.

:I have a rca model 612v3 for the past year it has been loosing volume. i looked it over figuring on recapping it.
:after pulling the amp out of the case found that the output transformer had a large amount of wax that melted from it.
:i am thinking this must be the problem.
:it has markings of 940394-1 on top of the transformer.
:i read around on this forum and found someone with the same problem back in 2007.
:he was recommended to replace it with a universal Hammond
:from antique electronic supply p/n # p-t291.
:i have ordered this part but after ordering a came across another p/n #p-t124b. would this be a better match.
:second question is how do i wire this to make it work.
:i am without printer at this time and it diving me nuts trying to look it over on line 6 inch at a time.
:any help would be appreciated. i have not touched a radio in quite some time.
:i am much better replacing parts that are original that need no modification.
:maybe I'm reading to much into this.

RCA 612V3 
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