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Stuck Zenith chassis?

Posted by Dave A. - Thanks. on 04/13/2009 22:07

Good ideas. Yes, I think it may have been stored in an uncontrolled space. Need to find my thin 1 1/2" scraper blade - that's about the width of the bushings. Thanks to those who provided valuable input. -Dave

:Hi Dave,
: I can understand your concern to pry gently, but you may be prying too gently to avoid creating damage you can't repair.
: I think your radio was sbjected to heat and the rubber bushings have melted. These were typically around the screw holes. When prying, pry near the screw holes. You may want to put somehting down on the wood to protect that, too.
: AES carries replacements for the rubber bushings. The ones in your radio of course are shot.
:Best Regards,
:Bill Grimm

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