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Belmont 602B speaker question

Posted by Thomas Dermody on 04/13/2009 19:02

Use the acetone on the spider only, and probably only if the spider is one of the more modern lacquered/varnished spiders, though you can try it on other types, too. If the spider is phenolic, nothing will happen to it if you soak it in acetone.

Use only water on the cone. If the cone is warped, then you definitely need to wet and re-set it. If the spider has set screws, you can also try re-centering the cone via the spider.

Also look for a broken spider. Early phenolic spiders have been known to crack, and other kinds come unglued.

DO NOT get acetone on the voice coil. Do not use acetone on the spider unless you absolutely cannot center the cone by other means. Be sure that if you do soften the spider with acetone, that the voice coil is properly centered in the pole pieces motion-wise. That is, the coil should be pushed in (or pulled out) until it is just completely hidden by the metal frame (or there-abouts). If the voice coil lies a great deal above or below the metal pole pieces, the output will be reduced, and the speaker will bottom out early in one direction, causing distortion at volume levels lower than normally possible. Before wetting anything, have your voice coil shims set. Do not shim after wetting.


Belmont 602B speaker question 
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