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firestone model 4a-22x

Posted by rick on 02/04/2012 09:40

voltages on all tubes are good ,except the rf 6sk7.the s voltage is high suppose to be 55 and is 70,the p voltage is suppose to be 230 and is reading 38.where is my problem,getting crackle out of speaker,,all caps replaced and electrolytics,some resistors.

firestone model 4a-22x 
rick 02/04/2012 09:40 
Scott 02/04/2012 10:37 
Rick 02/04/2012 11:05 
RICK 02/04/2012 11:56 
Warren 02/04/2012 12:02 
Norm Leal 02/04/2012 19:55 

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