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atwater kent 89

Posted by Doug Criner on 04/13/2009 18:00

Schematic: http://www.nostalgiaair.org/PagesByModel/023/M0043023.pdf

There must be a problem with the antenna ckt between the RF grid cap and the antenna. Troubleshoot by checking for continuity, incuding the antenna coil, with an ohmmeter.

What if you touch the coil side of the antenna trimmer? Do you get reception?

:hi. after replacing all the wires, caps tubes the only way the radio works is by my finger on the 35 rf tube. any ideas are welcome. also if i spike some thing by mistake it will work on its own for a few min. i checked all the resistors and the coils. thank you

atwater kent 89 
paul 04/12/2009 21:15 
Doug Criner 04/13/2009 18:00 
rich 04/13/2009 20:50 
paul 04/14/2009 06:27 

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