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Cartridge for Zenith 7-S-598 turntable

Posted by Paul Knaack on 04/12/2009 19:56

::Hello to everyone.The last couple of days i started restoring a 1941 Zenith 7 S 598.Can anyone please tell me the type of the cartridge turntable uses or at least the equivalence number so i can replace the destroyed one?
::Thank you in advance.Regards,Matthew.----------------Hi Matthew, I have a Zenith 6s597 (1941)that i replaced the cartridge with an Astatic 76-tsb. This worked very well.

Cartridge for Zenith 7-S-598 turntable 
Matthew 04/11/2009 12:34 
Mmakazoo 04/12/2009 13:45 
Matthew 04/12/2009 17:11 
Paul  04/12/2009 19:49 
Paul Knaack 04/12/2009 19:56 

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