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Silvertone 7048 Tuning Mechanism

Posted by Robby Simmons on 03/11/2009 23:10

:::I have a Silvertone Console radio that my Grandmother purchased at a garage sale in the late 30's. When I was a teenager (nearly 30 years ago!)I used it to listen to shortwave. It probably has not been pluged in in 30 years. I am interested in restoring this radio myself.
:::The tuning mechanism that connects the tuning knob to the air gap tuning cap never worked. When I was a kid there were a few parts and pieces still in the cabinet, a couple of pulleys and string, that has long since disappeared.
:::Does anyone have drawings & specs or pictures of this mechansim?
::There is a very good service information, with diagram dial cord information right here on this sight. I just downloaded it myself. Be sure to use " real " dial cord, and not just some kind of string.
:Just looked at the 7049 model and 7046 as well. Both have about the same dial drive, with diagram. I'm sure with all this you can get it working again.

Silvertone 7048 Tuning Mechanism 
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