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Cartridge for Zenith 7-S-598 turntable

Posted by Mmakazoo on 04/12/2009 13:45

Matthew, is your phono a cobra? I don't recall when Zenith started using their cobra record player, but it was sometime in the 40's. If so, it uses a special pickup. Later cobramatic changers in the 50's used a different ceramic cartridge. If it isn't a cobra, then it is likely just a regular crystal pickup and you could replace it with a ceramic, which is much more durable. Crystal pickups would go bad just from the moisture in the air and were fragile. Have you looked at west-techservices.com? Mark from Kalamazoo

Cartridge for Zenith 7-S-598 turntable 
Matthew 04/11/2009 12:34 
Mmakazoo 04/12/2009 13:45 
Matthew 04/12/2009 17:11 
Paul  04/12/2009 19:49 
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