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Stuck Zenith chassis?

Posted by Dave A. on 04/12/2009 09:53

Thomas, Eddie -

Thanks for the advice. It is a a 1938 shutterdial, and does not have spring suspension as far as I can tell. I am guessing these are the natural rubber feet that have turned into goo.

I was aware of the clearance of the control shafts to the cabinet, but did not realize it would matter what position they are in.

I am suprised there is not really much 'give' to them. I suppose a carefully handled scraper blade may cause less damage than just peeling the whole thing back.

Of course, I want to be able to pull it basically straight back to mind the cabinet holes, but to unstick the feet w/o a blade, I would have to lift up (this has not worked so far).

So, do you agree the best way to release the rubber goo is a small, thin scraper blade?


Stuck Zenith chassis? 
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