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Antique Radio Technical Forum
Stuck Zenith chassis?

Posted by Dave A. on 04/11/2009 23:53

Hi, all -

I can't seem to remove my Zenith radio chassis from the console.

It has four bolts on the bottom, only two of which were installed. But, after removing the bolts, knobs from the front, speaker and antenna wires - the metal chassis box will not budge.

It looks like it has either some type of soft sealant injected around each mounting hole, or what is left of some rubber washers. If they were rubber washers, I would have expected them to break loose.

Is this a typical problem, did someone muck this thing up in the past, or am I totally missing something? I don't want to force it too much, or ruin anything in the process.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance,

Stuck Zenith chassis? 
Dave A. 04/11/2009 23:53 
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planigan 04/13/2009 23:29 

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